Update & Now Available: Customization!

Hi all! Hoping everyone's having a great summer! Portland summers are my favorite, it's not too hot, the sun is out until 9:30pm, and the rain stays away.

I've been busy in the studio making new prototypes for products I've had on my mind for a while, and I'm getting ready for a few pop-up shops this year: Threadlyfe in the Bay Area in September (I'm doing a pop-up and showing a bunch of pieces in my good friend's fashion show!), Scratch Made Market in Beaverton in October, and all the holiday fairs I want to try to get into. 

Summer is the best for me to ideate on new things, the shop is a little slower but I have the time to freely think about where I want to take my shop and wear test new products before the craziness of the holidays. I'm diving deeper into making more intricate leather goods and incorporating more hand-stitched things into the shop. There's just something about hand-stitching that I like, it's way slower but I'm able to get really detailed about construction and it's been really fun.



I've been loving making structured leather bags and smaller purses, they're the kind of bags I use to run errands around town or use on a day out. Plus, I get to test out all the prototypes! So I'm pretty much just making bags I want to use myself haha.



Another thing I've been working on setting up is a system for ordering custom bags! I set up a page where you can pick a silhouette, a print, and a waxed canvas base color and I'll whip it up in the studio for you. I decided to start offering this service as a way of giving you exactly what you want, and I have too many amazing waxed canvas options to make photo samples of everything! Check it out here.


Another awesome thing that happened this summer was I had my first trunk show! It was hosted by the lovely Union Rose shop in Portland during First Friday and I had a blast. It was awesome to show off things I've been working on. Thanks to everyone who came out!


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