Jessica Necor Studio is a small design
and production studio in Portland, Oregon.

a source of everyday essentials
through intentional, joyful design

Each piece in the shop is built around the idea that design should be joyful and driven by function. My versatile bags and pouches are sewn with long-wearing textiles and incorporate thoughtful, practical details into each design. They also feature original patterns I design and print in-house.
I hope to help you carry your essentials to the places where you live each day, do your best work, and celebrate your triumphs (big and small!)


the power of handmade   serve others   small on purpose  
design with freedom and intention   joyful experimentation
- - - - - - -

I'm a graphic designer and maker originally from the Bay Area 
and am now living and working in Portland, Oregon.

I learned to block print and screen print in the scrappy visual arts department at the Oakland School for the Arts. I fell in love with print design while interning as a footwear designer at Vans, and continued to develop my own work after moving to Portland and discovering the maker community.

My studio practice came together during a long, chilly Portland winter, in the search for balance and as a combination of my love for learning, pattern, design, and making things with my hands. 


Established 2016