All my work starts with a pattern, pieced together from sketches and ink drawings. 
The patterns I design are inspired by places I’ve been, grown in, and loved. I screen print my fabric and leather and put all the pieces together in my studio in Portland, Oregon.
I have so many ideas in my head that I want to make tangible and an insatiable need to make with my hands, so check back for new experiments!
2016 Collection
I believe in the power of handmade.
Shaken to the core by the Rana Plaza disaster, I want to help work toward a world where we know who made our things and support ethical and sustainable production. Today's maker movement creates a larger appreciation for the process of making and the physical things we bring into our every day routine.
Everything in the shop is made with one pair of hands.
One of a kind, small batch production allows me to perfect each item and dive into the details that make these pieces everyday essentials. New products will be designed and released periodically in small quantities, stay tuned!

Keeping in mind the places you'll take my bags,
I choose to work with fabrics that are tough, durable and get better with wear.

Whether you're dashing off to work or school, strolling around town, off to brunch with friends or traveling, I hope these goods are a trusty companion.
Responsibly sourced materials are at the heart of the process. 
As many materials as possible are sourced from local Portland businesses. 
Some of the waxed canvas I used is hand-waxed with local beeswax from Texas, and canvas bags are lined with fabric leftover from Carhartt production. All screen printing inks are non-toxic 100% solvent free, environmentally friendly, and hold up well to wear and tear. Cleaners used in the printing process are also 100% biodegradable and drain safe.